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Mystique Professional Services (MPS) is a Public Relations firm that is located in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland and Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica to professionally manage large and small events, and execute strategic public relations campaigns that will increase awareness, build meaningful relationships and boost earning potential.

MPS aims to be number one in Event ManagementPublic Relations Management for entertainers, food & beverage businesses and events, Social Media Marketing and Sponsorship Procurement, by partnering with our clients to meet their objectives. We provide our clients with uniquely exquisite experience by effectively and professionally utilize our expertise to assist them in getting the best results, through top quality service.

Event Management

We use business management and organizational skills to envision, plan and execute small – large scale social and business events, which include weddings, launches, conferences, conventions, concerts, trade shows, festivals, etc.

As Event Managers, we identify the target audience, formulate the event concept, plan the logistics, supervise the teams of people assigned for each function, manage the budget and execution of the event, contract and supervise the services vendors and more!

 Public Relations Management


Public relations is a very important aspect of bringing awareness to an entertainer’s career and to reach the target for any type of event. Through effective public relations campaign, entertainers and events promoters can save on advertising, while increasing sales potential.

As public relations and communications specialist our main focus is to cultivate and maintain the image of our clients through tactical public relations practices and effective campaign strategies. Our agency will develop public and media relations on your behalf through our strong communication skills and knowledge of the Internet and other new media formats. In addition to speaking for our clients, we also create press releases and speeches for press conferences, interviews and other important events.

We consider the importance and necessity of career opportunities for entertainers, as such we assist with promoting tours, albums and campaigns for these opportunities to increase their exposure and generate sales.

Social Media Marketing

We are committed to implementing effective marketing plans and strategies to give our clients the leading edge over their competitors.

We are known for the extraordinary social media marketing/promotional services that we offer to make sure our client’s business, service, product or brand is known to people we will reach through social media networking, for search engine optimization and building customer relations (attracting new customers and retaining existing customers).

We are passionate about what we do and are equipped with the ability to make creative suggestions in the interest of your organization. Our team possesses functional knowledge and top level training in blogging and online marketing, which is utilized to ensure that our clients experience growth and are satisfied with our top quality service.

 Sponsorship Procurement

Every event or project has a budget and with that comes concern of being profitable. We specialize in understanding your needs; therefore we are here to assist you in soliciting funding through sponsorship.

Building the right relationships and having the right connections is what will make all this possible. This is where we come in! Our professional and experienced team will conduct the following on your behalf:

  • Identify potential sponsors who will benefit from sponsoring your event/project
  • Assist with setting up your budget
  • Create effective proposals and sponsorship levels
  • Make contacts
  • Conduct presentations
  • Negotiate with potentials
  • Close the deal!