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Anything by Gia Yee

“We’re often tested, it’s a part of life, we might not feel the joy, if we felt no strife…” – Gia Yee (lyrics from ‘Anything’). Anything is one of the singles on Gia Yee’s latest album “Reggae Prescription”. Watch the lyric video for Anything below:

Visit Gia Yee’s YouTube channel to watch more videos from Reggae Prescription album and subscribe for updates.

For more about Gia Yee and the Reggae Prescription Album, visit One Heart Entertainment .

Gia Yee is available for bookings in Europe this summer, June – August 2019 for her “Reggae Prescription Tour”; promoting the “Reggae Prescription” album. For details email: or telephone: 41-764928441

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