Music PR

Tell your brand story through effective digital public relations

Thousands of new reggae artistes are popping up around the globe, so your competition is no doubt growing rapidly.

Talent buyers, producers and other key players in the music industry won’t know about you, if you don’t have the right approach to PR and Marketing, nor will you build the fan base that you need to grow your popularity.

Do you want to watch your competition in the limelight or do you want to be up there on the top billboard charts or holding up that Grammy Award as reward for your hard work?

Let’s talk about how we can grow your brand through digital public relations!

You may ask what is Digital Public Relations…it is an online marketing strategy used to increase your online presence, by networking with journalists, bloggers, influencers to improve your SEO and increasing your ROI.

You may be accustomed to using Traditional PR and not sure how Digital PR may help you reach your goals. With this in mind, I thought of presenting you with information via this video by Threlkeld Communications that was published on YouTube on November 29, 2018. The video explores some of the basic differences in Digital PR versus Traditional PR including Press Release Distribution, use of the Newswires, SEO and Keyword Analytics, Backlinks and ROI.

If you need to know more about Digital PR and how we can use it to effectively bring awareness to your brand and help you increase your sales, we are ready to answer your questions.

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