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Artistes/Musicians, grow your brand through Effective Online Public Relation Campaigns!!

Mystique Professional Services offers public relations management to help independent Artistes and Musicians create and maintain favourable public image, build meaningful relationships through tactical public relation practices and effective campaign strategies, and assist with crisis management.

We will develop effective PR campaigns by defining your target audience, communicating your brand story through online and offline media, help you save on advertising, improve your online presence, and increase your return on investment and sales potential.

We consider the importance and necessity of career opportunities for artistes and musicians, as such we assist with promoting tours, albums, singles, etc. and boost recognition through professional campaigns for these opportunities to increase our clients’ exposure and generate sales.

Our founder, Gillian personally runs all of our PR campaigns to ensure that we maintain high quality standard and the desired results are delivered. She is directly in contact with all of our clients during campaigns and also offers consultation and support.

We offer professional services that will guarantee your desired results at affordable cost. Contact us for FREE CONSULTATION to start the process of creating the ideal campaign that will suit your need and budget.

What our clients are saying!

Reggae Fusion Artiste Gia Yee

“Peace of mind knowing that I have a true professional with years of experience, and awesome connections taking care of my public relations campaigns … is what first comes to mind when I think of what makes me happiest about my decision to hire Gillian Larmond-Barrett and Mystique Professional Services for my Buzz Campaigns and other press related pushes. I was fortunate to have been introduced to Gillian when I first started my career as a reggae fusion music artist, and have kept in close contact with Gillian ever since. Her professional services continue to give me peace of mind to this day.” ~ Gia Yee Reggae Fusion Artiste

Benjy Mystro Myaz Recording & Performing Artist| Musician | Arranger | Composer | Producer

“A forward moving productive professional who gets the job done, Gillian Larmond in highly recommended & remains on top of her game.” ~ Benjy Mystro Myaz Recording & Performing Artist| Musician | Arranger | Composer | Producer

Let’s develop the best strategy to grow your brand through effective Public Relation Campaigns!!! Contact us for free consultation.