Sales Agent Service

Our competent team led by Founder Gillian Larmond-Barrett, who has over twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing is committed to adding value to your business/brand to enable you to connect with new customers and to ensure a smooth sales process of your products and services, to increase your revenue.

What We Do:

We will help to grow your business and expand your company’s reach in an ever competitive marketplace, and can assure you that though we are a sales agency and will work with a number of companies, we will only sell non-conflicting products and services.

What’s more, our clients have nothing to lose by hiring us to represent their business; not only will we supply the needed sales tools as well as, find, qualify and close buyers, but we are eager to sell more, to cover our remuneration, which is 100 % commission of sales.

Industries we sell for:

  • Food & Beverage Products – restaurant equipment and appliances
  • Advertising Sales & Sponsorship – radio, television, newspaper, magazine, etc.
  • Event Sponsorship – We offer sponsorship marketing services to connect brands with entertainment events, to appeal to the brand’s target audience; assisting brands achieve their primary goals and meeting the needs of sponsorship seekers.

We are ready to serve you. Let’s meet and discuss how we can add value to your business, reach your target and boost your sales.